Afternoon Tea at Shaktea

Enjoy a relax tea moment at Shaktea

In my pantry shelved a myriad of teas in tin cans, in boxes and in small ceramic pots, along with tea sets from England, China and Japan; a reminder of how much I enjoy  tea.  The idea of going to a tea room to acquire such enjoyment seems very unlikely, until my dear friend Tina Finenza introduced me to Shaktea – a gem for tea lovers who treasure true relaxing moments.Many have walked past the corner of Main and E.21st without a clue that this unassuming tea shop is where the town’s best tea is.  To merely call Shaktea a teashop is an understatement.  Yes, Shaktea does sell tea and related merchandize, but those who have been will attest to the fact that Shaktea’s zen-styled tea-room is a lovely haven to unwind and to snack.

For lunch, my friend and I shared an open-faced ham and cheese sandwich sided with green salad; a plate of tea snacks consisted of pastries and a cucumber toast.  With a pot of green tea, the toast we savoured as an appetizer, the sandwich an entrée and with anticipation, the house-made dessert trio  – consisted of the absolute best scone this side of town (according to me and my gourmand friends), the mini and photogenic chocolate truffle and the dreamy macaroon – wrapped lunch up sweetly.

Couple weeks later, with my mom and my sister, I came back for an afternoon tea which I personally believe it’s one of the items on the must-do list for girl-friends and the female members of the family whom one holds dearly. My mom is one of those modern seniors who loves to give everything a try and has been looking forward to this tea moment in a non-pretentious place.  She happens to enjoy wearing tees and runners instead of dresses and heels.  My younger sister seldom says no to food-related invitations.  So off we went, to a ladies’ only tea time!

With Maria’s (one of Shaktea’s partners) help, we ordered our tea. Mom was going to enjoy a French Earl Grey tea while my sister and I shared a rare black tea from Sikkim Temi Estate.  Maria explained this was an aromatic tea with colourful and twisted leave they discovered a few months back when they’re visiting the tea slopes of Himalaya in a small region of India. Mellow with a hint of citrus; the Sikkim Temi tea was so soothing we felt like a curtain had been unveiled and we drifted into a room filled with soft summer breeze and Chamber music.  Mom’s French Earl Grey was floral with subtle sweetness, “Very good with the scone!” said mom while nodding her head. 

3-tier of artisan pastries and delightful bites

The outside bustling traffic and pedestrians’ conversations seemed to be mere glimpses in a reel.   The rest of the afternoon was spent as if we’re sitting inside a gazebo set in a garden.  We talked, we laughed, we checked out each other’s tier of tea-bits and pastries, and fought quietly over the last piece of truffle. As we were leaving, we realized what we had at Shaktea was more than a delicious afternoon tea but a fulfilling moment shared amongst a mom and her two busy daughters!




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